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I was born and I lived in Seville (Spain). I studied a degree in Translation and Interpreting in Pablo de Olavide University. Also, I studied a master in software localisation in Menendez Pelayo International University. However, I have always loved reading and writing.

In November 2016, I published my first book, the first part of the trilogy ‘Encuentro’ (‘Meeting’). In December 2016, I published the second part, ‘Unión’ (‘Union’) and I finished the trilogy in January 2017 with ‘Fusión’ (‘Fusion’).

Afterwards, I published publiqué ‘Torres más altas han caído’ (‘The bigger they are, the harder they fall’), a teenager romance from 16 years old henceforth. In September 2017, I published the first part of a bilogy, named ‘El diario de Cassie 1. ¿Por qué tú?’ (‘Cassie’s diary 1. Why you?’) and I finished in January 2018 with ‘El diario de Cassie 2. Que lo has creído’ (‘Cassie’s diary 2. You thought so’).

Finally, I completed the circle of those stories by publishing ‘¿Te acuerdas de mí?’ (‘Do you rembember me?’) in May 2019. This novel is full of short stories about some of the secondary characters from the previous books.

Nowadays, I am focused on a new great project that will show another point of view about me. Nevertheless, I just want that every person who reads my books feel what I feel for my characters and be sure that nothing is what it seems to be.

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