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Trilogía ‘Encuentro’ – 1. Encuentro

Trilogy ‘Meeting’ – 1. Meeting

Adrian Dekker works as head of the security department of a large company in London. One night, pushed by his friend Elliot Smith, he approaches ‘Vogue’, where he saves a waitress from a man with ulterior motives. From then on, Aya Brooks will turn her order into chaos. Will she be able to submit to the dictates of fate? And those of her heart?

Trilogía ‘Encuentro’ – 2. Unión

Trilogy ‘Meeting’ – 2. Union

Hunter’s escaped. Hunter is free. And he will do anything to hurt those Aya loves the most. She will have to face her worst fears. Will she be able to protect Adrian? What if she loses those she did not expect to lose? Aya will have to prove, once again, if strength and will are strong enough to save them all.

Trilogía ‘Encuentro’ – 3. Fusión

Trilogy ‘Meeting’ – 3. Fusion

Adrian has returned to Amsterdam and Aya has been deeply depressed since the death of her brother James. Nevertheless, it has given Cedric a chance to make her happy. But will he be able to let her into his broken heart? Or will the arrival of an unexpected letter determine his true future? Now that Hunter is gone, what is the point of Aya’s life? At last comes the end and the answer to all his questions.