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English: Do You Remember Me?

Summary: Cedric ended his heart broken after Aya broke with him. Despite his pain, he already knew what he was facing when he wanted to replace Adrian Dekker. Although, he never imagined being part of the organization of Aya and Adrian’s wedding. There, he will meet the wedding organizer, Caitlin, a strong woman who is clear-headed and knows what she wants: to Cedric, at home, with her.

Cameron Hunter and Daniel Brooks were the best friends in the world. They studied at one of the man schools in London. They always were together and they did everything next to the other boy… even fall in love. From that moment, things will never be same between them and after a non-important dispute, the situation will rule Daniel and his child’s future.

He could not fall in love with a normal man. That was what Luis thought since he discovered what Rafa, Ivan’s handsome doctor friend, the lover and boyfriend of his beloved and innocent Cassie, was doing. Of course, Luis has already turned the page after what happened with Ivan and Cassie and after discovering that Rafa was in the garlic; or so he thought.

Monica was the friend Cassie found without looking for. She was her greatest advisor, next to Luis and now she has to live her new life in Genoa, Italy, far from home and from everything she knows. Is there anyone who can tie her to that city?
At one point, Cedric, Hunter, Jonathan, Melissa, Luis and Mónica, they only were beside the main character. Now, it is their turn. Discover the story of each one before, during and after the novels who make you know them.
Why cannot they have a happy ending?

Year of Publication: 2019


  • Kindle version: 230
  • Paperback: Almost 250

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