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I – El diario de Cassie – ¿Por qué tú?

I – Cassie’s diary. Why you?

Cassie is a twenty-one year old girl who is determined to finish her journalism career as soon as possible. It is the only thing that occupies her mind, although when her best friend and flatmate, Luis, drags her to a party, she discovers that the plans do not always go as she expected. From that night on, Cassie will be dragged into a world she didn’t know and which will force her to rethink everything she knows. Will she be able to overcome her fears and insecurities? Or will Ivan’s labia seduce her to the point of sinking her hopelessly?

II – El diario de Cassie – Que te lo has creído

II – Cassie’s diary. You thought so

It’s been six years since Ivan entered prison and Cassie’s daughter Layla was born. Since then, Cassie has changed so much that she puts the well-being of her daughter before her love life. But when Gabriel, her high school ex-boyfriend, is about to run her over, she sees her barrier fall apart. Gabriel will offer her a second chance at love, but with Ivan’s release from prison and his new boss trying to get close, it’s going to be really hard for her to choose her future.