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Anthology Under the skin

This anthology is a compilation of erotic stories by self-published writers who have selflessly collected heterosexual, lesbian, gay, BDSM and vanilla texts for readers who […]

Anthology Impossible things

«De princesas y dragones» by Montse Martín.«Donde el monstruo habita» by Maeva Nieto.«Lazos eternos» by Lorena Grande.«Hija de las mareas» by Noa Rose and Laura […]

Anthology Ink made memories

In 2021, a group of literary avengers are reunited to fight against Alzheimer. They are using their superpower, writing, to teach people about this condition […]

Anthology Green Nights

Little fantasy, sci-fi and terror stories about sping. These are the 10 little stories that take part in the anthology: Carnosa – Talita Isla El banquete […]

Anthology Underwriterz

Underwriterz is a personal project that was created with the aim of encouraging writing and, in turn, reading. The aim is to support authors by […]

Anthology A dreamy soul’s pieces

It is essential for a writer to be supported, especially when that writer is someone unknown. That is the reason why you are part of my dreamy soul, so there you have this anthology. Here, you will find ten little stories committed for ten people. They represent the support and the love you give me. This is for all of you.