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This anthology is a compilation of erotic stories by self-published writers who have selflessly collected heterosexual, lesbian, gay, BDSM and vanilla texts for readers who want to learn about a plural and diverse erotic world.
The purpose of this book is to raise funds for non-profit organisations to promote and encourage more activities, advice and guidance on sexuality and to help the sexology professionals who are part of such organisations to implement quality sex education.
Each person has contributed part of his or her personality to this collection through the writing of the stories. This gives those who read this book the opportunity to enjoy reading texts that are tremendously different, with original, creative plots, around different characters, and to immerse themselves in a variety of stories without ever getting bored.
We invite you to discover yourselves through this series of erotic stories, because when a project like this is done with love, with respect for diversity and the pleasure of all the people represented in the ink, it manages to go beyond the paper of physical books and the screens of e-books. A new sexuality is possible and you can do your bit with this book.

Year of publication: 2021

Pages: 188

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