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Portada Más allá del deseo

Sinopsis: What price would you pay to make your wishes come true?

“If you want to make a wish come true,
you have to pay the price for it.”

Elizabeth doesn’t believe in magic, no matter how hard her friend Allyson tries to convince her that it exists. Even so, she accompanies her once a month to Black Wings, a place of esoteric arts where she finds a very particular book, which grants any wish that is written in its pages. Although she rejects it several times, she ends up accepting it. From then on, Elizabeth’s life will change completely, especially because the deepest desire of her heart will come true: to love and be loved.

However, nothing is that easy and she will have to pay a high price if she wants Ian, whom the book has summoned, to stay by her side forever.

Summary: Twenty-year-old Elizabeth is working hard to become a successful designer. Mentored by the famous fashion designer Gideon Thomas, a family friend, she will always have the doors of his company open to her. Still, Elizabeth prefers to earn her place on her own rather than through her contacts. She is a down-to-earth girl and therefore doesn’t believe in gods or magic. Just the opposite of her best friend, Allyson.

Despite the difference in income, she is her best friend and always makes her go once a month to Black Wings, an esoteric shop full of amulets and gadgets. One day, at the end of college, Allyson drags Elizabeth to the shop, where she finds a very curious book called The Book of Wishes. According to the premise inside, for every wish written in the book, there is a price to pay. Although Elizabeth doesn’t buy the legend, she agrees to let the owner of the shop give it to her.

That night, when a strong feeling of loneliness takes hold of her, she opens the book and writes the first thing that comes to her mind: that someone who loves her, protects her and is sincere with her will appear. Who would have thought that magic did exist, because the next morning, when she wakes up, she finds herself face to face with Ian, the one in charge of making her wish come true.

From that moment on, Elizabeth and Ian will go through several obstacles that will separate or unite them, and they will face a power that neither of them is prepared to fight against.

Year: 2021

Pages: 228


  • Se lee fácil, engancha y cuando lo acabas te quedas con una buena sensación
  • Esta es la primera vez que leo a Lorena Grande y sé que volveré a repetir, porque Más allá del deseo me ha dejado con un buen sabor de boca y una sonrisa en cuanto he cerrado el libro
  • Seguro que gustará a lectores de romántica, erótica y fantasía urbana

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