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English: Series Boston Dawns I. They Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

Summary: Keira Payne is a 19-year-old girl who is going for the first time to the Boston Univerity next to her best friends: Melissa and Gal. She has passed a terrible childhood, so she is focused on her plans and on finishing her degree as soon as possible to put her past behind.

However, everything is going to be more difficult than she thought.

Elian is one of the most famous students at the University. He knows how to win people over and he is the most popular boy among girls. Among all of them? Absolutely not. Keira will be the one who does not carry on with Elian. At the same time, Elian will not make Keira’s life easy and he will teach her that there is nothing to do against her heart. However, Elian will have to face to something that he did not expect ―Jonathan.

The sweet Keira’s partner will show him that his attitude to Keira will not help him to conquer Keira’s heart, and she will learn that nothing is as simple as it seems. Nevertheless, Corinna, Elian’s childhood friend, will do everything to maintain Elian apart from Keira.

‘Torres más altas han caído’ (‘The bigger they are, the harder they fall’) is a teenager romance with some rogue details that will make you fall in love. It has already hundreds of readings around the world and it is conquering hearts little by little. Even the people who do not like this kind of stories are enchanted by Elian and Keira.

Give an opportunity to Elian, Keira and all their friends to prove that nothing is what it seems to be and that even the stories apparently simple, they have hidden details. Go to Boston, laugh, cry, fall for the characters and enjoy the story.

Year of Publication: 2021


  • Kindle version: 389

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