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Crossing the sea between Shegnia and Carshia, fleeing the ruthless war against the dark elves, Nasha arrives in the land of humans. A young elf girl who will live forever tormented by the humans around her. 

It’s Sarah, her only friend, the person who brings light to her days, the one she’s in love with and who… doesn’t love her back. The human Nasha dreams of. But one day she says enough is enough. She wants to heal her heart away from Sarah, even if it means leaving her to the fate of her boyfriend and his father.

It is then that the curious Eshir appears to make her understand that there may be humans capable of loving dark elves.

That she deserves to be loved.


After the war between dark elves and humans, Nasha leaves her homeland with her mother at the age of five in search of a better future. However, Nasha’s mother dies and the little girl is left in the care of the human authorities. Amidst the chaos of keeping the peace between elves and men, Nasha is adopted by a widow, Kharia, who takes her to the village of Arsis, located in the interior of the kingdom of Carshia.

There she will grow up surrounded by other humans, but only one of them will become her friend: Sarah. As time goes by, Nasha’s feelings for Sarah become forbidden, as a dark elf should not be with a human. Added to this is Sarah’s new relationship with a boy named Hurgin, who thinks that elves should never set foot in Carshia.

Tired of hiding and suffering from unrequited love, Nasha decides to walk away from her friend without thinking for a moment that her handsome co-worker, Eshir, will be the one to take her place.

Enter a story full of magic, mystery and romance. Discover the secrets behind the Feast of Victory and immerse yourself in a world where anything can happen.

Year of publication: 2022

Pages: 171


  • Una novela ágil, entretenida y que se te hace corta, donde llegas a querer a tres de sus personajes y llegas a odiar a otros tantos.
  • La recomiendo muchísimo, es breve, se lee rápido y te llena diez veces más de lo que abarca.
  • Me resultó una historia conmovedora, donde la diversidad, la tolerancia, el respeto y la valía marcarán de lleno la trama.

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