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Las Crónicas de Vikeni - La Renegada

Sinopsis: Ibeos has fallen. The throne has been stolen. Any vestige of magic is gone.

The arnwarein and the yne, who dominate part of it, are persecuted and condemned to death. Ealira has spent her entire life in the labyrinth tunnels of the renegades, a group opposed to the sorcerer who took the throne from King Imer. She has never surfaced, and until recently, she was unconcerned about what lay beyond her home. The fleeting return of Kei, his best friend, will raise a series of questions for which he has no answers, including what is happening outside that forces his father to go out every day.

One night, after Kei’s departure, the renegade labyrinth will be invaded by the Oudias, the sorcerer’s army, charged with catching any arnwarein or yne left in the kingdom of Ibeos. They will destroy everything in their path in search of something powerful enough to threaten their lord’s reign: Ealira.

Yet she is a young woman without gifts or powers. So what do they look for in a renegade?

Summary: Ibeos has fallen. The throne has been stolen. Any vestige of magic is gone.

Ealira is a seventeen-year-old girl who lives with her father, Aurnys, and her sister, Dymira, in the labyrinth of the Renegades, a place hidden underground somewhere in the kingdom of Ibeos. Fifteen years ago, the throne was usurped by a sorcerer with the help of fire dragons, which is why Aurnys took his family out of the capital and hid them and a number of nobles in the bowels of the kingdom.

Over the years, Aurnys has taken in dozens of people seeking shelter and escape from the wizard’s gaze. Most of them are arnwarein and yne, people with special gifts that together pose a danger to the sorcerer’s reign. Ealira has lived with them ever since without a clue as to what they are, and it becomes clear when she is forced to flee her home, pursued by the sorcerer’s army: the Oudias.

During her journey, she will meet Ia, who will become her best friend and unconditional support. She will confess her feelings to Kei, her childhood best friend, with whom she has been in love for several years. She will meet the Rebels, a group of Ibeorians opposed to the sorcerer’s reign, who are dedicated to stealing their weapons and killing as many Oudias as they can. And the search will begin for the reason why her enemy is determined to find her.

What could a renegade with no powers have to destabilise the sorcerer’s power? Why does he need her? And, most importantly, what will become of her if he succeeds in capturing her?

Year of Publication: 2021

Pages: 420


  • Mi más sincera enhorabuena a Lorena por este trabajo que a mí corto entender apunta maneras de best-seller.
  • Te engancha desde el principio hasta el final… ¡Y menudo final!
  • Lorena es un nuevo referente en cuanto a la literatura de alta fantasía.

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