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English: I – Cassie’s diary. Why you?

Summary: Cassie is a 21-year-old girl who is convinced about finishing her degree in journalism in Seville as soon as possible. That is the only thing she thinks about but, after going to a party with her best friend and her
flatmate Luis, she discovers that plans will not happen as she arranged. From that night, Cassie will see herself driven into an unknown world that will make her reconsider everything she knows. Will she be able to
overcome all her fears and insecurities? Will Ivan’s gab seduce her, undertaking a path with no return?

Meanwhile, Ivan will see how his life becomes more difficult from the moment he knows the beautiful and evasive Cassie. What does that girl have that is driving him crazy? Ivan will face to the consequences of having Cassie next to him and at the same time, being the chief of staff of Toni’s business. Ivan has lots of secrets to hide, lots of elements that could put Cassie’s life at risk. Why had the destiny to show him such an incredible woman in the worst time of his existence?

At the same time, Luis, Cassie’s best friend, will be engaged in a secondary plot with Rafa. He is a doctor related to Ivan and he could give Luis some clues to discover what Ivan is weaving. How would that situation affect to Cassie’s relationship?

‘¿Por qué tú?’ (‘Why you?’) is the first part from a bilogy that will offer love, eroticism, humour and suffering. Do you want to know Cassie? Do you want to find out what is happening?
Delve into de ‘El diario de Cassie 1. ¿Por qué tú?’ (‘Cassie’s diary 1.Why you?’) and enjoy a story that will capture you from the first page ‘till the last one.

Year of Publication: 2017


  • Kindle version: 517
  • Paperback: 539


  • La trama me ha parecido muy interesante. Si no era por la relación erótica y romántica, lo era por la trama secundaria.
  • Es una historia que te engancha y que te deja con ganas de más.
  • Un libro muy bien narrado, que engancha y sucumbes a sus letras.

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