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English: II – Cassie’s diary. You thought so

Summary: Six year have passed from the ending of ‘El diario de Cassie 1. ¿Por qué tú?’ (‘Cassie’s diary 1. Why you?’) and Cassie’s life has turn into something that she did not expect for. After the entry of Ivan into the jail and the birth of their daughter Layla, Cassie has changed a lot, so she prefers giving Layla the best. The consequences are an austere and simple life, without privileges and absolutely given to Layla’s education and happiness.

In the meantime, Luis has got back to his feet after breaking with Rafa –that is what he says– and he is focused on his work. Even though, he hasn’t put Cassie aside and he has helped her with Layla. Although none talks about love –it is forbidden.

However, when Gabriel, Cassie’s high school boyfriend, appears, she contemplates how her wall against the world falls and turns into pieces.
Gabriel has changed a lot after ten years and he will offer to her a second chance about love. Cassie will resist and she will not accept her feelings. Then, Ivan will get out prison and her boss, Miguel, will force her to decide about her future.

Cassie will have to deal with the challenge of being a single mother, falling in love without thinking about it and finding herself held in Miguel arms. What will Gabriel and Ivan do? Will they succeed and rescue Cassie from Miguel’s grips? And will Cassie fall in love again with one of them?

‘El diario de Cassie 2. Que te lo has creído’ (‘Cassie’s diary 2. You
thought so’) seal the bilogy with an unexpected ending.

Year of Publication: 2018


  • Kindle version: 565
  • Paperback: 622


  • Es una buena continuación.
  • Muchas gracias por dejarme ser parte de la historia.
  • me ha tenido enganchada hasta la última página.

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