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English: Trilogy ‘Meeting’ – 2. Union

Summary: After the unexpected final chapter of ‘Encuentro’, the second part of this trilogy arrives with new obstacles and new characters. They will make a 180-degrees turn to the story of Adrian, Aya, Elliot and Eva.

Hunter, the greedy and liar ‘Vogue’ owner, has escaped from the jail. Hunter is free and he will do whatever is necessary to hurt Aya, her friends and her family. His reason ―she is his old best friend and his love’s daughter.
Aya will have to face to her fears and to a past that goes after her. Will Adrian be able to protect her? What will happen if she loses someone? Again, Aya will show if her strength and her determination are enough to save everyone.

On the other hand, Adrian will be apart from Aya’s life. Meanwhile, she will be trying to clean their names and reclaim their freedom. Adrian will have to deal with his own problems ―the arrival of Cedric to Aya’s life and the reunion with Allyson. The Adrian and Aya’s relationship will be weak day by day and, at the same time, Adrian’s secrets will come to light ―an heritage, another country and the wishes of someone who does not want Adrian to be in London.

What will Adrian say to all of this? What will Aya do about that? What can she offer to him? If there would be the possibility to become just a friend, will she be able to let him go? Or will Aya fight to show, one more time, that her heart is over everything? If you thought you have seen everything, do not let escape ‘Union’ (‘Union’), the second part of this trilogy.

Because nothing is as simple as it seems…

Year of Publication: 2016


  • Kindle version: 292
  • Paperback: 437


  • No se hace nada pesada.
  • Esto es lo que más me ha sorprendido además de encontrar amor, pasión, amistad y lealtad, hay maldad, venganza, incógnitas y secretos.
  • La narración es espléndida.

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