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English: Trilogy ‘Meeting’ – 3. Fusion

Summary: Finally, the last part of this trilogy arrives with ‘Fusión’ (‘Fusion’); a final chapter which will make you feel as if you were in an emotional roller-coaster and that will make you sight.

After James’s death during the rescue of his sister, Aya will find herself alone, more than ever. In addition, Adrian has returned to Amsterdam with Allyson to claim his heritage before his mother could take it away forever. So, Allyson has achieved her first aim ―take Adrian away from Aya.

Meanwhile, Aya is under a strong depression. Cedric, the same man who deceived her and, finally, freed her, has fallen in love with her. Cedric will try to make her happy, even if he knows how difficult it will be. Will Aya let him going into her broken heart? However, the arrival of an unexpected letter may decide her future… At this point, when Hunter has gone, which is the real objective of Aya’s life?

Driven by Eva and Elliot, Aya will travel to Amsterdam to get the answers to all of her questions. She will find herself exposed to the critical vision of Adrian’s mother and to the Allyson’s threats, who will avoid Aya to become into Adrian’s wife. What is the limit to get what you want? What will Allyson do to bind Adrian and to have him next to her?

‘Fusión’ (‘Fusion’) is the final chapter that you needed. Aya and Adrian will discover which is the meaning of all of their misfortune and if they could be together.
Germany, Spain, Mexico, United Kingdom, Japan… Adrian and Aya have already conquered all those countries and they are prepared to arrive to the whole world. Because, is there something more powerful than true love?

Year of Publication: 2017


  • Kindle version: 474
  • Paperback: 519


  • La incertidumbre de cómo acabará la historia de amor entre Adrian y Aya se convierte en el principal interés del lector.
  • Me he emocionado, en alguna parte he hasta llorado.
  • Los personajes están bien construidos, se comprenden, los conoces y se les coge cariño

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