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English: Trilogy ‘Meeting’ – 1. Meeting

Summary: Adrian Dekker works as head of the Security of a large company in London. He is an attractive young man who does not want to pass more than one night with a woman. He is focused on his job and his few friends because of some important reason. However, none knows which reason is that.

One night, driven by his friend Elliot, he goes to the ‘Vogue’, a famous pub in the city centre where drinks are cheap and waitresses offer their own show. There, Adrian saves one of the waitresses from a man with second thoughts. From this moment, Aya Brooks will transform Adrian’s life into a chaos thanks to her pride and her strong nature, which is so similar to his. Due to her, Adrian will reconsider every single detail of his life, even his decision about not having a relationship with a woman.

Will he be able to submit to the destiny? And what about his heart?
Loneliness will no longer be his best friend. ‘Encuentro’ (‘Meeting) is the first part from a trilogy which offers love, passion and a thriller story. It will become the reason why Adrian will enter into Aya’s life.

Nevertheless, Adrian and Aya will not be alone: Elliot and Eva will help them to remember that pride does not break walls and that together, they are stronger against the enemy.

Come into a story in which nothing is what is seems to be. Meet James, the protective Aya’s brother, and meet Hunter, the ‘Vogue’ boss. He is the cause of the problems of Aya. Immerse in the London night and do not let escape the opportunity to read a romantic thriller with a second part which will make you want to know more.

‘Encuentro’ (‘Meeting), this is the first part from a trilogy which will capture your attention until the last page.

Year of Publication: 2016


  • Kindle version: 328
  • Paperback: 569


  • La autora escribe de manera sencilla, consiguiendo que el lector se sienta atraído por las escenas
  • Una historia entretenida, recomendable para un amante del romance y de una prosa cuidada y ágil
  • No puedes dar nada por hecho con esta historia.

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